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Samsung TV - A Complete Guide To Connect LED TV to the Internet.

Samsung TV - A Complete Guide To Connect LED TV to the Internet

Over the years, the world renowned Samsung brand has introduced so many innovative TVs for consumers and every TV that is coming out is worth buying because it offers excellent features and great stability when it comes to performance. From LCD TVs to LED TVs, Samsung has released televisions of the highest categories.

However, not all consumers want to place their TVs on wall bases. There are many consumers who opt for the TV support that comes included in it to remain. Here we will explain how to install / remove these media as well as explain the method to connect the TV to the internet through a LAN cable.

Placing the TV Stand:

To install the support, you must have the necessary parts (bases) and tools (screwdriver)

  1. Place the TV face down on a padded base
  2. Grasp the connector that attaches to the back of the TV and adjust it as you fit your tabs
  3. Then hold the base evenly
  4. Insert the base screws over each hole
  5. Screw each end until the connector is even, tight.
  6. Adjust the connector with the table stand firmly
  7. Insert the base screws over each hole in the TV base
  8. Carefully tighten each screw with a screwdriver
  9. Finally you have installed the table stand for the TV

Remember that you should always carry out these steps with the help of someone, because of the weight of the LED TV, you could have problems with the lifting part. The televisions are ingenious artifacts that were made with the purpose of entertaining us and making our day to day more significant. So take advantage of all its accessories and qualities to the fullest. 

If you wish to mount the TV on the wall, buy a wall base and mount it. If you want it on a firm basis, then let it be. You are the one who decides where it will go and how it will go.

Attaching the TV stand:

  • A table or other flat surface
  • A soft cloth or towel
  • A Phillips screwdriver


  1. Unplug your Samsung LED TV from its power source and unplug all other cables from the TV.
  2. Place a towel or soft cloth on a table or other flat support surface.
  3. Place the Samsung LED TV face down on the towel, which will protect the screen from damage.
  4. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the four screws that hold the base in place. The bolts are located in the center of the television near the bottom.
  5. Slide out the bracket on the bottom of the TV.
  6. Press the protective cover supplied with the TV to the point where you removed the stand until it clicks into place.
  7. Reinsert the four screws that you removed into the holes on the back of the TV, and then tighten them with the Phillips screwdriver.

Just remove the base of the Samsung LED TV if you intend to mount it or have another method to hold the TV. Without its base in place, the television will not sit upright.

After this, you can contact the cable service provider to watch the broadcast channels. To help you further, we have listed sky contact details here so that you can watch the TV channels without any delay.

How To Set Up a Wired Connection With your LED Televisions

For your Samsung TV to fully perform its functions there is a fundamental requirement: that the TV is connected to the Internet. The installation and configuration, through a web interface for the Samsung TV is nothing complicated so you can launch without fear.

If you want to connect your TV to the router using a cable, you will need an Internet connection cable. Once the connection between devices (the router usually indicates that it is correct with the light of the corresponding light), go to Configuration and select Connect to the network >> With Cable. If all went well, the TV should show us a message confirming it.

If the connection fails: If you perform any of these steps the connection still fails, check that you have an Internet connection. If the answer is yes, you may have disabled the DHCP option on your router, which is responsible for assigning local IPs to the devices that are connected. This can be fixed by assigning a fixed IP to ourselves, which obviously does not coincide with any that are using other devices.

For this reason, and for some more advanced users who want to assign a specific static IP to the TV, it can be done in Configuration by accessing the Network Settings >> Network Configuration >> Static IP option. In Static IP Configuration you can make the changes you need.

The cable connection is always the safest, fastest, most stable, and so on. The only problem is that if you do not have the router nearby, it is complicated.

But think that in your home you can change the position router as long as there is a telephone line. So if you have any behind the TV, you can put it there.

If you have everything right, you only need a network cable or Internet that comes out very cheap and that connects very easy. Once connected, your TV will have Internet without having to configure absolutely nothing. If you are looking for another type of setting (to get the most out of image quality), you should flip the TV settings, such as brightness, color, saturation, pitch, etc., but try to deactivate all digital processing , Whether it enhances contours or edges or enhance contrast, it all depends on you.

Advantages of having internet on your Samsung LED TV: You will enjoy a sensation of unlimited possibilities when enjoying the Internet without any limitation.

You can access any web page without memory problems, something that web browsers integrated in the TV suffer if you enter a loaded website or with Flash. You have Chrome, Dolphin or Firefox as web browsers that will allow you to navigate quickly and as if you did it on your mobile. You can also access online games and check your social media.

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